【Merlion Adventure 2】Release AR Demo Movie of ‘Merlion Adventure 2 AR’

I created Demo Movie about AR function of ‘Merlion Adventure 2 AR‘ released from Google Play in January this year. Please take a look.  I explained to many people about this ‘Merlion Adventure 2 AR‘, in Taipei Game Show held in Taiwan and some AR events in Japan. The game system is a little bit simple, then there were not so much impacts to many people in the game... Read more

【Unity】Target API Level of Google Play was changed to Android 8.0

The required ‘Target API Level‘ to release your app in Google Play had already changed to Android 8.0. For new apps leased newly is applied it from August 1, 2018. For the apps already released is applied when you update the app on November 1, 2018 or later. [Information Source] https://developer.android.com/distribute/best-practices/develop/target-sdk?hl=ja   【Situation】 I did not notice about that because recently I’ve never upgraded my application. When I released the... Read more

【VR/AR Event】Participation Report for ’xR Tech Tokyo #14@Mercari’

On February 17 (Sun), I exhibited two my AR games at an event called ‘xR Tech Tokyo #14‘, which was held at the office of Mercari, Inc. in Tokyo. The games ‘Merlion Adventure 2 AR‘ and ‘Gotcha! AR‘, which were also exhibited in ‘Taipei Game Show‘ at the end of last month. 【 Report on participating in TAIPEI GAME SHOW 2019 】 This time, I will introduce this event called... Read more