[Unity] Unite 2018 Tokyo:”Keynote” Part 2

Last time, I introduced Keynote of Unite 2018 Tokyo held on 7 May 2018 at Tokyo International Forum. [Link: Unite 2018 Tokyo:”Keynote” Part 1] This time, I’ll introduce in the middle of this keynote. [72KB Core Runtime to realize high performance] The first presenter this time is Mark Schoennagel who is Lead Evangelist. He firstly explained about Core Runtime which is become smaller and faster. (This topic was explained by... Read more

[Unity] Unite 2018 Tokyo:”Keynote” Part 1

[About Unite] “Unite” is the biggest periodic event for Unity. That is held at many big cities all over the world every year by Unity. In Japan, the “Unite 2018 Tokyo” held from May 7 to May 9, 2018 this year at Tokyo International Forum. In Unite Toyo, there are many sessions as same as Unite of other countries, and almost all sessions are public on Youtube. (You can check... Read more

[Unity] How to show the image of a sub-camera on “Render Texture”.

This time, I’ll introduce how to create sub-camera like following image which is my released windows’ game ‘Merlion Adventure for windows’. This game have the 2nd window at right bottom which is view of the game scene from the top. (By the way, this ‘Merlion Adventure for windows’ is released from Microsoft Store. Please also try it.) [Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/merlion-adventure/9p2tzw95xsm1?activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab]   [The way to show an image of sub-camera] There are... Read more