【Unity】 64-bit support for Android apps released on Google Play (with Unity)

I think that the above email have arrived from Google to many companies and individuals who have released Android apps.   In short, if you are releasing a 32-bit version of an app, updating to the app after August 1 will only be approved for the 64-bit version.   At the time of the release of this article, the August 1 has already passed. However I also supported my game... Read more

【Unity】How to install Unity

Here, I’m explaining How to install Unity in an easy-to-understand manner for participants in our ‘Unity Programming Class‘ and those who are new to Unity. (This manual is for Unity 2019.2 which is the latest version of Unity at the time of making this. New versions are released frequently, but the installation method does not change so much, so please install the latest version if necessary.) (This manual uses the... Read more

【Unity, ML】Machine Learning Business Workshop

I participated in a study session called ‘Machine Learning Business Workshop‘ hosted by Unity Singapore on June 4. The main topics were a basic technical explanation of Unity’s machine learning library ‘ML-Agents‘ and some examples of how Unity’s machine learnings are used. The instructors were Marek Marchlewicz of Unity Technical Evangelist for technical explanation, and Stijn De Keyser of Unity Sales for case studies.   【Contents of this article】  ... Read more

【VR/AR Event】How to set up Unity AR Foundation Part.2

This time, it is a report of the Hands-on training part of ‘Unity AR Foundation‘ course hosted by Unity Singapore that I participated on April 23. Based on the contents of the AR Foundation exercises, I’m explaining how to set up ‘Unity AR Foundation’ with some screen images. 【 How to set up Unity AR Foundation Part.1 】 Last time, I explained from Step 1 to Step 3 (Import Required... Read more

【VR/AR Event】How to set up Unity AR Foundation Part.1

Last time, I reported about ‘Unity AR Foundation’ course hosted by Unity Singapore, which participated on April 23. (The instructor of the course on the day is Marek Marchlewicz, Evangelist of Unity Singapore.) There, I introduced the basics of the first half of the course, such as what AR Foundation is like. 【 ‘Unity AR Foundation’ Session Report 】 This time, based on the contents of the AR Foundation exercises... Read more

【Unity】Target API Level of Google Play was changed to Android 8.0

The required ‘Target API Level‘ to release your app in Google Play had already changed to Android 8.0. For new apps leased newly is applied it from August 1, 2018. For the apps already released is applied when you update the app on November 1, 2018 or later. [Information Source] https://developer.android.com/distribute/best-practices/develop/target-sdk?hl=ja   【Situation】 I did not notice about that because recently I’ve never upgraded my application. When I released the... Read more

[Unity, AR] The setting way of ‘Augmented Image’ of ‘ARCore’ Part2

Last time, I explained how to set up ‘Augmented Image’ to display AR objects with 2D images as markers for ARCore SDK of Android. [ The setting way of ‘Augmented Image’ of ‘ARCore’ Part1 ] This time, I will explain how to change the Marker Image and how to change the 3D objects displayed as the AR objects to create your own AR application. (The above image is the final... Read more

[Unity, AR] The setting way of ‘Augmented Image’ of ‘ARCore’ Part1

Regarding the AR development library ‘ARCore’ provided by Google, I introduced the setting ways of two sample programs (HelloAR and Cloud Anchors) before. 【 I tried ‘HelloAR’ sample of ‘ARCore’ Part1 】 【 I tried ‘Cloud Anchors’ (A sample of ‘ARCore’) Part1 】 This time, I will show you how to set up a sample program of ‘Augmented Image‘, a function to recognize image markers. It is a sample which is the... Read more

[Unity, AR] Error: “CS0619: UnityEngine.Network is obsolete”, When CloudAnchors is upgraded to Unity 2018.2

This time, I’ll introduce about Tips for those who use ARCore provided by Google with Unity. If you were developing with CloudAnchors on Unity 2017, and upgrading to the latest Unity 2018.2 (as of October 2018), you will encounter the error of above screen shot. “Assets/GoogleARCore/Examples/CloudAnchors/Scripts/CloudAnchorUIController.cs(85,62): error CS0619: `UnityEngine.Network’ is obsolete: `The legacy networking system has been removed in Unity 2018.2. Use Unity Multiplayer and NetworkIdentity instead.’ ” (I think... Read more

[Unity, AR] I tried ‘Cloud Anchors’ (A sample of ‘ARCore’) Part2

Regarding ‘ARCore’ which is AR library released by Google, last time I explained about the beginning part of setting for ‘Cloud Anchors’ which is one sample program released from ARCore 1.2 or later version. [Link: I tried ‘Cloud Anchors’ (A sample of ‘ARCore’) Part1] The ‘Cloud Anchors’ is a library to realize AR multiplayer’s app sharing same AR environment with some devices. It means that due to realize same AR... Read more