【Game】 ‘Gotcha! AR’ under development: Exhibit at Taipei Game Show

Currently I am developing AR application with Singaporean game designer as Lam7 ( http://lam-7.simplesite.com ) (It’s similar but different from Lab7). This time, I will introduce you ‘Gotcha! AR‘ here. The screen is like the above image.   【Exhibit at Taipei Game Show】 We will exhibit this ‘Gotcha! AR‘ at Taipei Game Show to be held at the end of this month. I have not yet completed to develop it... Read more

[Unity, AR] The setting way of ‘Augmented Image’ of ‘ARCore’ Part2

Last time, I explained how to set up ‘Augmented Image’ to display AR objects with 2D images as markers for ARCore SDK of Android. [ The setting way of ‘Augmented Image’ of ‘ARCore’ Part1 ] This time, I will explain how to change the Marker Image and how to change the 3D objects displayed as the AR objects to create your own AR application. (The above image is the final... Read more

【Merlion Adventure 2】Release Announcement for ‘Merlion Adventure 2’

I can finally announce to release my new Game App. It is ‘Merlion Adventure 2’. It is an evolved version of already released ‘Merlion Adventure‘. The basic game function has just be changed a bit. The reason why it was changed to Version 2 is because the AR function was newly attached.   [Coloring Function] Download Coloring Paper and color the Merlion there. By taking a picture of that, the... Read more