【Game】 ‘Gotcha! AR’ under development: Exhibit at Taipei Game Show

Currently I am developing AR application with Singaporean game designer as Lam7 ( http://lam-7.simplesite.com ) (It’s similar but different from Lab7).

This time, I will introduce you Gotcha! AR here. The screen is like the above image.


【Exhibit at Taipei Game Show】

We will exhibit this Gotcha! AR at Taipei Game Show to be held at the end of this month. I have not yet completed to develop it for releasing, but I’d like to get opinions and ideas from many people.

By the way, Merlion Adventure 2 AR recently released and Merlion Adventure for Windows from Lab7 will also be displayed there. I am also thinking that I will get many opinions about those from Taiwanese game users and people related game industry.


【Technical features of ‘Gotcha! AR’】

This game ‘Gotcha! AR’ is able to play with 4 players. The four people participate as ‘Detective‘ or ‘Thief‘ or ‘Undercover Police‘ or ‘Hitman‘ role which are announced from system. (The roles of other players are secret in the beginning.) And look for items and hints to identify opponents’ role and try to catch someone.

In this blog, the content of the game is enough I think, next, I’ll explain technical features as programmer.

This application uses ARCore of Google as AR SDK. It share location information with multiple devices by Cloud Anchors of ARCore.
Control your character by using position information of your mobile device. It means you need to move in real to control the position of your character. Therefore, there are no buttons as direction keys on the screen to move the character.

In short, the point is that your character’s operation is based on the relative position from where you launched the application using acceleration sensor of your mobile device. Regarding the positions of another characters, it’s identified by exchanging the relative position from the Anchor position shared among the 4 players’ devices via the Network.

At the timing of the Taiwan Game Show, it will be still under development, so I will continue to develop it afterwards. If I find interesting technical things through this development, I will introduce it in this blog.


[Original Japanese Site: http://blog.lab7.biz/archives/15436147.html ]



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