【Merlion Adventure 2】Release Announcement for ‘Merlion Adventure 2’

I can finally announce to release my new Game App. It isMerlion Adventure 2.

It is an evolved version of already released Merlion Adventure.
The basic game function has just be changed a bit. The reason why it was changed to Version 2 is because the AR function was newly attached.


[Coloring Function]

Download Coloring Paper and color the Merlion there. By taking a picture of that, the coloring is reflected to the Merlion 3D model. The image below is a sample I painted a color. (Of course, only the part of the Merlion is necessary for 3D mode texture …)


[AR Photo Function]

You can take a commemorative photo with the AR 3D model.


[Game Function]

Of course, you can play a game with Merlion you or your child painted.


Almost completed, so it will be released soon. Please wait a moment.


[Original Japanese Site: http://blog.lab7.biz/archives/14947445.html]




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