【Merlion Adventure 2】Release AR Demo Movie of ‘Merlion Adventure 2 AR’

I created Demo Movie about AR function of Merlion Adventure 2 AR released from Google Play in January this year. Please take a look.

I explained to many people about this ‘Merlion Adventure 2 AR‘, in Taipei Game Show held in Taiwan and some AR events in Japan.

The game system is a little bit simple, then there were not so much impacts to many people in the game industry.
However, as the name implies, this game has AR features. After I explained the AR part of this game, I got quite high evaluation for this idea as a result.

Therefore, because it is difficult to show the interesting parts just by writing on the Internet, I created AR Demo Movie to easily understand it like when I directly met and explained. I believe that it has become a really easy-to-understand video.

Please try to watch it!!


[Original Japanese Site: http://blog.lab7.biz/archives/17168150.html]



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