[Unity] How to release iOS app by Windows PC (Overview)

I’m Windows user, never had Mac PC. However I released some game apps from Apple store.

[Link: Game App from Lab7]

Basically we need Mac PC to release App for iOS, but there is a way to release by only Windows PC.
This time, I’ll introduce how we can release iOS app without Mac PC.


[Precondition for this way]

  • This explanation is starting after finishing making game app without any errors by Unity on Windows PC. So it’s not included how to make a game app, how to install Unity. It’s better that you already released the app to Google Play. Then just trying to release the game to Apple store too.
  • In addition, the releasing cost should be cheap as much as possible. (Except for “iOS Developer Program” which is compulsory to pay for iOS developer, all are free. (Currently Unity Cloud is also not free…))


[The process to release iOS app by Windows]

Following is the steps to release iOS app by Windows PC. It’s just overview, later I’ll also introduce the details of the each step.

1. Advance Preparation:

Common for all App you will create. (Need to do one time in the first time.)

1.1. Register to “iOS Developer Program”.
1.2. Register to “Bitbucket” (GitHub).
1.3. Install “Source Tree”.
1.4. Install “Open SSL”.

2. Advance Preparation for each App:

(Need to do one time when starting to create each App.)

2.1. Set the platform for iOS in Unity.
2.2 Create some necessary files to build iOS app.
2.2.1. Create “Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file”.
2.2.2. Get “iOS Certificates”.
2.2.3. Create “p12 file”.
2.2.4. Create “mobileprovision file”.
2.3. Set up “Bitbucket” and “Unity Cloud”.
2.3.1. Create remote repository of “Bitbucket”.
2.3.2. Set up remote repository in “SourceTree”.
2.3.3. Create project in “Unity Cloud”.
2.3.4. Set the link of the project in “Unity Cloud” to “Bitbucket”.

3. Build the App for iOS in “Unity Cloud”:

(Need to do for every submitting the built file.)

3.1. Commit the source codes to “Bitbucket” from “Source Tree”.
3.2. Build the source codes in “Unity Cloud”.
3.3. Download “ipa file” after completed the building.

4. Apply the iOS App.

4.1. Apply the iOS App in “iTunesConnect”.
4.2. Submit “ipa file” in “iTunesConnect”.

5. Wait a result about the submitting from Apple.

(Need to wait for a few days.)


Finally you will receive the approval from Apple, your iOS App will be release in Apple store.

Next time, I’ll introduce the details about each step listed above.


[Original Japanese Site: http://blog.lab7.biz/archives/5434763.html]


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