【Unity】 64-bit support for Android apps released on Google Play (with Unity)

I think that the above email have arrived from Google to many companies and individuals who have released Android apps.   In short, if you are releasing a 32-bit version of an app, updating to the app after August 1 will only be approved for the 64-bit version.   At the time of the release of this article, the August 1 has already passed. However I also supported my game... Read more

【Unity】How to install Unity

Here, I’m explaining How to install Unity in an easy-to-understand manner for participants in our ‘Unity Programming Class‘ and those who are new to Unity. (This manual is for Unity 2019.2 which is the latest version of Unity at the time of making this. New versions are released frequently, but the installation method does not change so much, so please install the latest version if necessary.) (This manual uses the... Read more

【Unity】Target API Level of Google Play was changed to Android 8.0

The required ‘Target API Level‘ to release your app in Google Play had already changed to Android 8.0. For new apps leased newly is applied it from August 1, 2018. For the apps already released is applied when you update the app on November 1, 2018 or later. [Information Source] https://developer.android.com/distribute/best-practices/develop/target-sdk?hl=ja   【Situation】 I did not notice about that because recently I’ve never upgraded my application. When I released the... Read more

[Unity] How to install Unity. (Unity 2018)

This is explanation about Unity installation for Windows. I am explaining how to install Unity editor for beginners. This article is for participants for a programming class, but many Unity beginners also can refer this. (This explanation is targeting Unity2018.1. Already some new versions have been released, but the installation way is not so changed. If you need, you can select the latest version.)   [Overview of the operation steps]... Read more

[Unity] How to show the image of a sub-camera on “Render Texture”.

This time, I’ll introduce how to create sub-camera like following image which is my released windows’ game ‘Merlion Adventure for windows’. This game have the 2nd window at right bottom which is view of the game scene from the top. (By the way, this ‘Merlion Adventure for windows’ is released from Microsoft Store. Please also try it.) [Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/merlion-adventure/9p2tzw95xsm1?activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab]   [The way to show an image of sub-camera] There are... Read more

[Blender] Some typical failures regarding Normals. Part 2

Last time, I introduced about one typical failure about “Normals” which was not correctly shown the color on the object’s surface in Blender. [Link: Some typical failures regarding Normals. Part 1] This time, I’ll introduce typical another case about the failure related to “Normals” I’ve experienced, in that time, I took long time until noticed it.   [The situation of the problem] Firstly, please look at the screen shot of... Read more

[Blender] Some typical failures regarding Normals. Part 1

This time, I’ll introduce some typical failures about Blender’s “Normals”. Sometimes suddenly happen a problem of object’s color or attached texture, for example, colors of the object are wrongly shown at a part, textures are not correctly appeared, and so on. I searched many sites, there are many sites to explain how to set up correctly, however I found not so many sites are explaining sample cases of the problems.... Read more

[Unity] How to release iOS app by Windows PC (Overview)

I’m Windows user, never had Mac PC. However I released some game apps from Apple store. [Link: Game App from Lab7] Basically we need Mac PC to release App for iOS, but there is a way to release by only Windows PC. This time, I’ll introduce how we can release iOS app without Mac PC.   [Precondition for this way] This explanation is starting after finishing making game app without any... Read more

[Unity] Resolution for an error when using Unity Ads.

I used “Unity Ads” for Advertisement of my released mobile game apps. It’s very easy to put Advertisement for our game apps. Yes, it’s easy, but sometimes following error happen, then I took long time to resolve it. [Error Message] error CS0433: The imported type ‘UnityEngine.Advertisements.ShowResult’ is defined multiple times   [Reason] This error will be happen, if you turn ON for Unity Ads function in Service tab of Unity... Read more