[Unity] Physics: I tried “Physics. Spherecast”.

Before, I tried “Physics.Raycast”, then I wrote the results in this blog. [Link: Physics: I tried “Physics.Raycast” from Game Object.] [Link: Physics: I tried “Physics.Raycast” from Camera.] This time, I’ll introduce other Casting methods under Physics class. (However, I think that “Raycast” is the most popular and used high frequently.) [Ref: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Physics.html]   [Some Cast methods under Physics class] BoxCast Casting Box shaped Ray, check whether hit the ray to... Read more

[Blender] I tried to create 3D model of Dad Merlion.

I introduced 3D model of Kid Merlion staying at Merlion park in Singapore that I created before in this blog. [Link: I tried to create 3D model of Kid Merlion.]   [Merlion 3D Modeling] In that time, I also declared to create 3D model of Dad Merlion which is located at Singapore Sntosa island, then I finally completed to create it. That is following image. In addition, I also show... Read more

[Blender] Mirrored object is shown at wrong positions.

In Blender, after doing some operations such as copying, moving, rotating to the object, sometimes happen not correctly work Mirror modifier. Like following image.   [The reason to happen] This is happen because the “Origin” of the object was moved by some operations for the object. (The orange dot in the above image is the Origin of the object.) Then the unexpected shape appeared by making the object mirrors or... Read more

[Unity] I tried to draw to Texture. Part2

Last time, I tried to directly draw to a texture attached game object. [ Previous: I tried to draw to Texture. Part1 ] In the blog log, looks like many people are reading the source, so this time I’m explaining more about the logic for beginners. Following is the C# source for drawing a texture, I added many comments so that you can understand easily this source. This ‘Paint_Line’ method... Read more

[Blender] I tried to create 3D model of Kid Merlion.

I created 3D model of Kid Merlion to use in my game app. [Link: Game App from Lab7] However, Kid Merlion is not so famous in the global wide. I believe that you know Merlion itself at least even if you don’t live in Singapore. In Singapore, actually, some Merlions exists. The most famous one is one staying at Merlion Park near Marina bay sands, and there are 2 Merlions there,... Read more

[Unity] I tried to draw to Texture. Part1

This time, I tried to directly draw to a texture attached a game object. This program is very simple. To test drawing to a texture, it’s drawing yellow color at the position where the game object is locating on the red texture which is attached on a field’s game object. [To realize this function] There are 2 game objects and 2 C# programs for this test. ‘Test_Draw’ is a program... Read more

[Blender] How to repair broken shape of a object by Lattice Modifier.

If you happen the situation that the shape of your object was collapsed by Lattice Modifier like for example, following case. [Before applying Lattice Modifier] [After applying Lattice Modifier] Just applying, the shape of the target object was broken. (This is a face of Merlion 3D model I created…)   [Reason] The reason is that when adjusting the Lattice flame to fit the target object in Edit mode, this phenomenon... Read more

[C#] Copy of Array in C#

When you copy an array in C#, for example, to copy from Array A to Array B, and if you want to use those amounts separately…, don’t write like following difinitely. Array_B = Array_A; I believe that it’s common sense for intermediate level, this is just passing Reference type. Therefore, if you change the amount of Array_B, automatically the amount of Array_A will be changed. (We can also say that... Read more

[Unity] Physics: I tried “Physics.Raycast” from Camera.

Last time, I tried Raycast by casting Ray from a game object. [Link: Physics: I tried “Physics.Raycast” from Game Object.] This time, I tried another way of Raycast. That is casting Ray from Camera. [Ref: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/CameraRays.html]   [Test image to cast Ray from Camera] When clicking a game object which are scattered in 3D space by mouse, the shape and color (object name and tag) are shown.   [Source code... Read more

[Unity] Physics: I tried “Physics.Raycast” from Game Object.

You know, we normally use “Raycast” to identify Game Objects existed in certain direction from one location. The image is like that you emit virtual laser beam from a certain position, then if the beam hit somethings, you’ll get the information of the objects. 2 ways for Raycast The method of this, there are 2 ways like following Cast a Ray from a Game Object To identify the objects which... Read more